Prose and Poems


“Words are a pretext. It is the inner

bond that draws one person to

another, not words.



― Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi

An Evening at the Bottomline


Walk into Detroit's Bottomline Coffee House any day of the week and you'll be confronted with ambiance, amazing brews and delectable pastries. Walk in on open mic night and you'll be confronted with original music, intense spoken word poetry and quirky anecdotes. Unlike some poetry spots, the Bottomline's open mic is laid-back and welcoming. Everyone is invited to share and the theme of the evening can be summed up in expressions of love.

Lady Khadijah

Swimming Against the Current

Lady Khadijah waxes poetic about triumphing over adversity. Mixing haunting acapella singing with spoken word that moves to an impenetrable rhythm, Lady Khadijah touches and soothes the wounded part of every soul. Listening to her poetry is like having that cry session with a sister friend or favorite aunt, after which we feel the power of release.

Reem Abou


Reem Abou's poem about braiding her daughter's hair is relatable to every mother or father who has ever had to do their child's hair. But dig deeper with Reem's comb as she braids heritage into her daughter's scalp.



by Tabia Ellis

When lights take flight I sit in my self-made shade

And wait for you

To enter a room with no view

I have never been given latitude in love

I have learned gratitude for small considerations

Been made a martyr for my patience

And learned to occupy no more than the smallest corner

If things become too rough than adjustments can be made

But please learn to breathe silently and speak only when spoken

In the kindest  and sweetest of tones

And please ignore the chain

You see -- its only meant to refrain

Not detain

As in -- you are free to leave

Or remain

But please stay awhile

As I have grown accustomed to your presence