“...Rise up and play

Those liquid notes that

steal men's hearts away.” 

― فرید الدین عطارThe Conference of the Birds

Divine Providence

Divine Providence

“Sometimes when you put your intentions out there, sometimes things happen according to your intentions.”

Lu Fuki, the leader of the band Divine Providence opines about the ease of which the group came together.

“I called the group Divine Providence because everything was happening organically and there was no struggle for it.”

Lu knows member Joe Chase because he has been teaching his son, Nur, the drums since he was inthird grade. Chase a professional musician and music teacher was pleased when Lu asked him to join the band. “I  realized I wanted to play as much as I wanted to teach.”

Nur, now 16,  plays the drums for the band with a skill far beyond his years. "I don't think about anything when I'm on stage, I just want to be good." 

Aaron David Bush McCoy-Jacobs, who plays a mean electric violin and the African drum says as soon as he met Lu at a meditation group they started making songs together. It was kismet or Divine intervention, and they knew they had to get together to make more music.

“Whatever this is, we need to do it!” Aaron is an accomplished opera singer  

Johnathon Mateen’s smile is radiant as he talks about playing bass guitar for the band.

“When I’m on stage,   I feel free”

Tazeen is the lead singer of the group and also the wife of Lu Fuki. ‘Luster’ her signature song describes a divine, eternal love. She also sings in Arabic adding more depth to the music. Her  smoky, haunting voice is at was surprising and engaging. Music for her is an expression of what she experiences throughout the day and the people she encounters.  Listening to her sing can sometimes make a listener think that we are overhearing a hushed conversation or perhaps reading a private diary.

Lu, who writes the songs and arranged the music says, "I just want people to listen to our music and be happy." Indeed we are and look forward to hearing much more.


Lyrics to Luster

Tazeen Singing.00_04_17_11.Still002
by Tazeen and Lu Fuki

Luster you are mine

Stare into my eyes
I see through your soul 
Call me your divine 
Call me your divine 
You want this don't you
Don't you need this
Luster you are mine 
Linger a bit longer
Hear the siren beckon you
As your passions drift closer
My shore is your altar 
Trace my lines, I'll fuel your gaze
Accept your liberation 
Drink from my spring
Luster find your salvation 
Ya mushtahii anta lii (luster, you are mine)
Bi-tahtaajunii (you need me)
A laisa kathaalik (isn't that so?)
A laisa kathaalik (isn't that so?)