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Let the beauty

of what you love

be what you do.

~Jallaludin Mevlavi Rumi

Passion For Performance

An Interview with Leshawn Patterson

LeShawn Patterson as the 'Kamikaze Butterfly'
Leshawn Patterson in 'Kamikaze Butterfuly'

'Kamikaze Butterfly'

'Kamikaze Butterfly' is just one of the many characters that prodigious actor, Leshawn Patterson plays in local film.

Patterson inhabits each character, donning mannerisms, speech patterns and inner motivation  as meticulously as he dons wardrobe and make up.

The passion that Patterson has for acting is evident in the passionate manner in which he speaks about his craft.

"Watch out", Patterson says, "I'm coming."

Its such a treat to watch him on screen that we are definitely watching with keen eyes for his future projects.

Passion in Performance

Watch the compete Interview here.