Divine Providence

Music is an art form whose medium is sound organized in time. Divine Providence is a band formed from talented artists brought together from eclectic backgrounds to create a sacred sound

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The Colors of Love

Meet Sufi Artist Malika Ayubi as she invites us into her home studio. For her, painting is meditation and a means to bring beauty to a turbulent world.


An Evening at The Bottomline Cafe

Forget smoky cafes with drowsy patron. The Bottomline's Open Mic in Detroit is enigmatic, thought-provoking and filled with talent. From exposes on the fear of fungus to poems about Islamophobia and Domestic Violence. This poetry meet is not to be missed.

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Actor's Spotlight

Leshawn Patterson walks into the room with a presence. He's just one of those people that immediately commands attention. Leshawn uses this ability as an actor.

"I like scripts that challenge me. If I've made you love me or hate me, I know I've done my job."

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Leshawn Patterson

Call for Artists

If you would like to contribute original prose, poetry, article to Nia Prima or would like to be a featured artist, contact us here.